sgarlat JIM1944 2016 web sizeSara works with authors—established as well as unknown—to create innovative and highly effective campaigns.  Before starting on her own in 2009, she was Director of Publicity for many years at Hampton Roads Publishing Company (a major regional house responsible for such notable titles as the blockbuster series of Conversations with God books, by Neale Donald Walsch) and Marketing Director at Rivanna Health Publications.

Sara is dedicated to working with authors and publishers to maximize the media exposure so vital to successful sales. Known throughout the industry for her conscientious and diligent attention to all her clients, Sara is as comfortable promoting current-affairs titles as she is for spirituality/new thought, parenting, narrative nonfiction, business, memoirs, fiction, and more.

In addition to celebrities like Neale Donald Walsch, Sara has promoted such distinguished bestsellers as Richard Bach, Amit Goswami, Lisa Tracy, Russell Targ, Paul Rademacher, Patricia Aburdene, Denyse Beaudet, Justine Toms and Marion Blank, Ariel & Shya Kane, as well as worldwide organizations like The Monroe Institute. And as much as Sara enjoys working with her well-known clients, she delights in her ability to apply her publicity skills to the work of a talented new author.